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Christmas Gnomes - Red and Gold Polka Dot

$ 24.99

In Red and Gold Polka Dots, meet 3 fun-loving gnome brothers. They love Christmas Time and think Hot Christmas Wassail is the best drink ever!

SIZE: Large is 18" Tall and 5" wide; Medium is 16" Tall and 4" wide; Small is 14" Tall and 3" wide

DETAILS: This collection of gnomes features a beautiful Polka Dot pattern in Red and Gold. The hats have a sweet gold thread stitching along the brim. Each has a silky soft white beard and a Red Glittered Ornament hanging from the tip of his hat. Our gnomes are filled with soft polyfill and filler to help them stand tall. They are handmade and stitched together with lots of love and smiles.

*Arvid is the oldest and the Largest brother. He loves to tinker and fix things. He is the only one in his family that doesn't carry a tune, but he still sings all the Christmas Carols with gusto - just in the shower! Arvid is always in charge of setting up the Christmas Lights in the Gnome village.

**Aron is the middle brother and finds that he tends to be on the receiving end of lots of gnome brotherly tricks. However, he is a fabulous baker and his chocolate eclairs drive everyone wild. He won't tell the secret ingredient in the cream.

**Albin is the baby brother and loves attention beyond all else. He stars in all the Christmas pageants and plays the piano like a dream. He can always be found where the party is the loudest. He secretly loves the Mayor's daughter, but is afraid to tell her. For being so fun-loving and out-going, he just can't seem to talk when she's around. Maybe this Christmas he'll finally ask her out!

Christmas Gnomes (Scandinavian Tomte or Danish/Nordic Nisse) are thought to be cheerful creatures that delight in taking care and watching over the home/farm they live close to. They will bring good luck and gifts to those who are good, and may cause mischief to those who are naughty.
Our Northland Gnomes want to watch over the home and family they live with and bring smiles and laughter to all.

***While our Gnomes are cute, they are not considered toys due to the small parts and are not recommended for small children.

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